05 September 2011

Why We Walk

With the Avon Walk just 11 days away, we are gathering up the names of those that we are walking in Memory of....and in Honor of.  Those who have lost the fight, those who are still battling, and those who have won.  We write each name on a card that we attach to our backpacks for all to see...and we carry them with us each step of the way.  We are honored to do this:

We are walking in memory of...
Diane Taschny
Tean Kech
Katherine Johnson
Mary Weaver
Mary Francis Sautell
Sossie Arpajian
Shakeh Arpajian
Ferdinand Sarkissian
Nora Svajian
Johnny Martin
Monica Beltran
Andrea Petker Brother
Josephine Greco
Ellen Yazejian
Haig Diradourian
Hrach Arzounian
Katarina Slatkovic
Danny Avejic
Sonia Stephanian
Mando Juarez
Pedro Arnold
Hilda Jubelt
Beth Pereny
Darakarouhi Zadoian
Alan Lowrey
Tio Jorge

In Honor/Celebration of
Chris Jakubowski
Janet Cicero
Stephanie Sajjadieh
Zabel Bahudian
Madline Tatoyan
Sue Bugsch
Irene Sazar
Laurie Byerly
Margie Scott
Arpine Jarlekian
Jenny Boranian
Brian Sellers
Dianne Friend
Rodger Brennan
Taleen Petrossians
Jim Lione
Deegeen Nvart
Suzy Jones
Maria Wulf
Margureite Vigorito
Adrienne Krikorian
Carolyn Perkins
Caroline Tellalian
Richard Jouroyan
Paul Tallis
Leo Francone, Jr.
Jane Leaphart
Maggie Zariani
Miss Jenny Smith
Ojik Golanian
Grace Balayan
Tamar Apelian
Nanejan Hacopian
Elisabeth Kronauge
Vazken Movsesian
Anush Avejic


Sonig said...

Anush, you will be carrying all those feelings and emotions related to all those survivors, and those who have left us on your back! I admire you for your commitment, being unselfish and courageous! Good luck and may God be with you and Ani for every step of your way to reach the 39 miles!

Pomegranate & Eye said...

Thank you Sonig. We are committed to the cause and pray for a day when all cancer will be eradicated from our lives. Until then, one foot in front of the other....we'll keep walking. I hope you'll join us in for the Avon Walk next year in San Francisco.