04 September 2012

In the 30's!!!

39 Days til the Wedding!

Today is September 4.  I'm back to work after the long Labor Day weekend, and I flipped my wall calendar to September , did a little backward count from the wedding date to today and was surpised to find that we're officially in the 30's...with 39 days to go til Ani and Eric's wedding.

As Mother-of-the-Bride, there are a lot of emotions roaming around inside me:  excitement about the upcoming wedding, panic about forgetting something major I was supposed to do, anxiousness about getting deadlines met, things done, melancholy about missing my daughter, etc.  You get the idea. 

I have been actively praying for the past couple of months.  I mean, close-the-door, on-your-knees, private-time-with-God prayer.  And I'm pretty sure that this is what has been helping me keep it together.  One of the things that I pray for daily is "focus"...Focus on the true meaning and sanctity of Ani and Eric's wedding.  I pray that God gives me the ability to not get so caught up in the excitement and details that I forget what is truly important:  the holy sacrament of marriage.

Don't get me wrong.  We're still running around and doing all the fun stuff.  We're meeting up today after work to check out make up at Sephora, and deal with bridesmaids' gifts.  And I'm enjoying every minute of my time with my baby girl.  But inside, I'm sensing a different calm inside me.  A calm that I know is coming from that focus that I've asked for pairedwith the realization that everything is going to be beautiful and blessed regardless of how we wear our hair, or what our shoes look like.

We're in the 30's.  And it's September.  A lot of great things are coming up this month.  Ani's bridal shower; the 39 mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer; final fittings, and wrapping daros for the wedding.  I will keep praying.  For strenghth, for focus, for peace and that God bless our children with a happy and peaceful marriage. 


Bacheegs and Love said...

You're the best mama! :) i love you!

Sonig said...

I'm sure you're having mixed emotions, but the ending is a blessing from God. I know Ani will make a beautiful bride (like mother, like daughter). God be with Ani and Eric as they start a new chapter of their lives :)