06 January 2013

How to Seed a Pomegranate

    By now you know that I love everything about pomegranates.  They're the symbol of our homeland Armenia, and they also symbolize abundance, prosperity, and fertility. To me, they are magical.  When I first take the "lid" off of the pomegranate and see the seeds, it's like opening a treasure chest and seeing the jewels inside.
    They're very good for you, filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants and over the past several years, they have really gained popularity.  Despite the benefits, they can be a little intimidating when it comes to serving them.  Okay, maybe not intimidating, but they can make a mess, and because the juice can stain, there are all kinds of ways that people have approached seeding them.  I discovered this method of cleaning pomegranates on a website which I can't seem to find any longer. An old Armenian woman was demonstrating how to do this, and after watching it once, I had to run out and buy a pomegranate to try it.  It was so simple.  And since then, I've had a great time demonstrating this to my family and friends (seriously).         
    About a month ago, my friend Seline told me she came across lots and lots of pomegranates and had the task of cleaning them.  I tried to explain the method to her, and her husband Shiraz said I should do a video and post it online. 
    Yesterday, as I was cleaning one, I thought I'd photograph the steps along the way.   I wrote this step-by-step  "how to" on seeding, and  I created a hub on HubPages.  If you're interested in learning this simple method, please follow this link to my article:  http://ahnoosh.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Seed-a-Pomegranate

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