08 July 2013

Lessons from the Garden (Audio)

ITP Episode #3: Welcome to Inside the Pomegranate where Anush Avejic uses applied Christianity to take a look at daily life through personal reflection.  Whether it’s reaching out to the homeless, gardening, parenting, surviving cancer, or wellness it’s all here - Inside the Pomegranate!
In episode 3, Anush discusses her wellness journey as well as the parallels between gardening and life. 
Produced by Suzie Shatarevyan for epostle.net
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Laura said...

Dear Anush
It's been a pleasure listening to you on the Next Step and reading your blogs from week to week ever since I was introduced to epostle.net a few months back. I love your take on life and the lessons you articulate so beautifully, such honest messages which I like to share with friends. As faith is your stronghold in life so it is mine, whatever challenges I face I can always rely on the gift of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. Your struggle with weight, mine with MS, a positive outlook makes all the difference for a meaningful and purposeful life. I loved your blog this week applying faith principles to your garden, so clever and the 'glass half full' message in the podcast.
Thank you for the pomegranate seeds you share so liberally with your listeners and readers. I thoroughly enjoy them and please know they make a difference in people's lives.
Best wishes
Laura from Sydney

Pomegranate and Eye said...

Hi Laura,
Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad that this week's blog/podcast spoke to you.

We all have our individual struggles, but through Christ we are not alone. We lean on and learn from one another.

Keep positive! You sound like you've got it under control! In the garden of life, there are weeds, but it's always best to look at the sunflowers! They're incredible! (Mine started blooming this week!)


P.S. Hope you're having a pomegranate day!