18 November 2013

All Under One Roof, Under One Sky (Audio)

ITP #21: Ever get asked for help by someone that you know is not helping themselves? If you say no, do you feel guilty? We talk about that this week, and also reflections at the homeless shelter, and continuing on with the little things to be thankful for. Anush covers "All sorts of stuff" on this week's episode of Inside the Pomegranate.
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1 comment:

Ani Kohar said...

I like your 30 days of thanksgiving idea. Here's what I am thankful for this week....
1. my sewing machine - i love that i found something fun to do, and love that i can make things (or learn to make things) the way that you always made me things!
2. cooler weather- it's starting to feel like fall and it's my favorite
3. radiostations that AREN'T playing christmas music yet...it's too early
4. magazines - i love that i can flip through glossy pages and take a quick break from whatever i am doing.
5. homemade art - i just finished a kitchen piece and i love that i can create things to make our house a home
6. my job - this is a big one, but i love my work family and even though it's not always what i want to do with my time i am thankful for it all the same.
7. cookies - that's self explanatory. :) i love cookies.

Great podcast! I love your ascencia stories!
love you