26 August 2011

Approaching the Weekend - Tired!

I shouldn't feel so tired.  It all hit me yesterday after my first day back to work.  I had gone camping with Ani, my sister and her two girls and my friend Nancy.  Our all-girl camping trip.  That was Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Then Wednesday I had the day of doctor's appointments.  And yesterday it was back to work.  By the time I got home yesterday, I felt that I had the energy just sucked out of me.  And today, I'm just tired and dragging.

That's the difference between pre- and post-cancer.  I feel like I'm well.  My scars have healed.  I even feel like my insides are making progress.  Thankfully, I don't have any treatment going on for my breast cancer.  But despite all this, I find that my energy is just not where it used to be. 

I'm almost 4 months post op from my mastectomy and tram flap procedure.  The doctor, today, gave me the okay to expand my exercise from "just walking" to some light cardio and arm work.  Still no abs, no tummy stuff.  No pulling or stretching that area.  Still, I'm grateful for this much so I can work my geloid arms again.

I brought this fatigue up to the doctor.  Am I supposed to be so tired so far out from surgery?  Well, she said, if it was just one surgery, maybe....but I've had three major surgeries in 6 months.  I guess it's just catch up time.

If I could just put everything on hold and get some quality rest it would be one thing.  But there's so much going on in my life.  I have these illustrations for a children's book that I am commissioned to do.  I need to work on those and try to meet a late October deadline.  There's the jewelry business.  The homeless outreach.  Church.  Family.  The day job.  And the bills.  It gets overwhelming.  But....and this is a big one....I am alive to do these things. And I am relatively well and healthy.  I guess I should stop complaining, no?

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Fr. Vazken Movsesian said...

I think rest if overrated. It sounds good until you try it and then it gets boring. Your life is so filled and so, fulfilling.

Did you catch that line Linda used in the interview this week? "I'm awake." You describe an awake life. Thanks.