18 August 2011

Los Angeles Most Valuable Blogger Nominee

I was really surprised when my friend Iris let me know that I had been nominated for LA's most valuable blogger.  I'm very humbled...and honored.  My blog,  Inside the Pomegranate, started out as a vehicle for my creativity with my illustrations and jewelry, but after getting diagnosed with breast cancer again, after 18 years I thought I would "go public" with my cancer.  I know when I first got diagnosed as a 34 year old mom with young kids, I had a lot of questions.  But the questions were entirely different for me, as were the emotions and decisions now that I was facing a mastectomy and tram-flap reconstruction.

My blog was an outlet for me as I was going through my surgery, and then my recovery.  And even now, as I'm facing the second portion of my reconstruction, I have new "stuff" to deal with -- which will be coming soon as I go back to the plastic surgeon next Wednesday.

Anyways...if you would, please click on link below - Daily - until September 9 and give me your vote.  I am very appreciative of all your support.  Oh, and if you're not already subscribed please click on the "follow my blog" on the right side of the page.

Wishing you much good health, happiness and joy in your lives always!

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Pomegranate & Eye said...

Hi Everyone, You can vote for my blog daily until September 9. I'm in the health/fitness/medical section as Inside the Pomegranate.

Thank you so much for reading and voting for me!

Susan M said...

Congrats. I m not the least bit surprised you were nominated MVB, with your courage, creativity and sense to just do it.
It's the place to share, vent/express, inform and most of all support. You covered all of the above and then some.
So proud of you. You have my vote any day and because you're the koorig, but because you deserve it.
Love you,
Koorig Susan