05 September 2013

In It To End It!!!

Here are the cards I will carry with me every step of the 39.3 mile journey.
I will hang them from my pack for all to see and as reminder that we have to keep walking til we find a cure. 

This weekend I'll be walking 39.3 miles in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer with Team In Her Shoes. I am walking in memory, honor, and celebration of those that have fought the fight and won, are currently battling, and sadly, those that have lost their lives to cancer. I am walking against breast cancer...and I am walking against ALL TYPES of cancer. Here is my list of names. If I missed your loved one, let me know. I have them written on cards and will be carrying them with me every step of the journey:

Fr. Vazken Movsesian
Diane Taschne
Daro Zadoian 
Iskouhi Ghazarian 
Debbie Gillum
Shirley Burr
Stella Okada
Ana Guzman
Elise Antreassian
Ellen Allison
Hilda Jubelt
Houri Donoyan
Cynthia Keylian
Veronica Monano Bedjakian
Evelyn Shafer
                                                                     Nevair Tatoulian

Laurie Hrzyan
Anita Sislian
Sylvia Proskine
Hratch Casparian 
Rita Mendez
Gloria Burgos 
Gloria Solorio
Yvonne Clemente
Lauren Graves 
Martha Pacero
Lisa Hagan
Nelik Golanian
Sue Bugsch
Andrea Petker
Stephanie Sajjadieh
Tamar "Sugar" Apelian
Patricia Didonato
Emma Kapurch
Robin's mom
Mimi Megerdichian 
Anush Berberyan
Nora Svajian
Tean Kech
Monica Beltran
Josephine Greco
Shakeh Arpajian 
Sossie Arpajian 
Irene Sazar
Arpine Jarlekian
Janet Cicero
Zabel Bahudian 
Laurie Byerly
Taleen Petrossians
Marguereite Vigorito
Deegeen Nvart
Madline Tatoyan
Maria Wulf
Nanejan Hacopian
Elizabethe Kronaugh
Margie Scott 
Jane Leapheart
Jenny Smith 
Janet Stephen
Richard Jouroyan
Bn. Simon 
Jim Lione
Chris Jakubowski
Rodger Brennan
Leo Franconi, Jr.
Danny Avejic 
Allan Lowry
Ferdinand Sarkissian
Ardella Jelloian 
Robert Eggert
Perooz Baghdassarian
Haig Diradourian
Desi Geestman
John Martin 
Paul Tallis 
Shirag Berejekian
John Quintana
Katarina Zlatkovic
Claudia Minjares
Keith Ammerman
Paula Crisostomo
Ellen Yerejian
Dan Cortes
Puzant Sabounjian
Beth Pereny
Susan Hill
John Shafer
Francis Sobott
Grace Balayan 
Hratch Balayan 

Becky Leonardi
Brian Sellers
Sarah Barajas
Lyndsay Colosimo
Delta Rathbone
Jennifer Thoma
Nick Mehterian
Mary Frances Sawtelle
Rick Bowman
David Ponkey
Devorah Stamulous
Danielle Adams
Patrick Dwyer
Alice Mikaelian
Tami Brazil
Becky Leonardi
Brian Sellers
Lyndsay Colosimo
Jan Petit
Sue Smith
Lou Fancelli
Randy Crabtree
Jon Kinney
Paul Perkins

There are a few of you out there whose cancer is so new, I wasn't quite sure you wanted it out on FB at this time, so I didn't list your names. If there are others that I missed, comment with the names, or just message me by Friday.

Thank you to all of you for your donations, support and prayers.  Please pray for us this weekend.   And send us blister-free wishes too.  I'm in it to end it!

There's still time to donate:  www.avonwalk.org/goto/anushavejic

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Anush,
I have a few names to add--
My brother Paul Perkins MD
Several of my patients: Jon Kinney; Randy Crabtree; in memory of Lou Fancelli; Sue Smith; and Jan Pettit.
Good luck and I'll be thinking of you this weekend!
Love, Carolyn