11 May 2011

Back from the Doctor - Good News!

Two doctor's appointments today, both great!  Thank God!

Doctor Carvajal gave me the good news.  There is no residual cancer - they got it all.  And he was able to remove another 7 lymph nodes during surgery and all 7 came back negative for cancer!  And I have a 95% chance of total cure!  Yay! 

Doctor Berger said everything looks to be healing really well.  He was able to remove two of the three drains, and the best news...I can shower!!!  Woohooo!!!  Everything is looking good.  He said the healing is going to take time.  Maybe we can have the third drain out by Friday, if not, early next week.  No lifting still because a mesh was put in the abdomen where the muscle was taken out, and that will take time to heal.  And I got the okay to walk...though not too far yet.

It was a really good day (despite the discouraging start....did I really write that post this morning?) Thank you everyone, for all the prayers and love!  God is good...always.