12 May 2011

On My Own -- Just me and the kitties

I'm ten days post op today.   The treat of the day has been the ability to shower!  Woot!  Following directions to pack drain sites with bacitracin, suspend my one existing drain around my neck, it was all soooo worth it.  Then you have to reverse the steps when you get out, carefully drying and redressing.  I got out a clean and happy camper...but a tired one.

I've been dealing with AFLAC this morning.  Apparently, before I went in for surgery, there was one form that didn't get completed...so I need to deal with that. 

I've been working on the breast cancer bracelets and need to photograph and list them online for all you nice people that had an interest in purchasing one.

One of the cool things I've noticed is that my kitties know that something is up with me.  They usually fight for my attention, Zelda sitting on my lap, until Mati comes to take over, intimidate her with his bad self, and get her to run off so he can take her spot.  Since surgery they have been very careful.  Zelda will perch herself on the couch cushion behind me and lay her head on my shoulder from behind.  Like a black kitty corsage.  Mati, the big bad boy kitty, will sit right next to me and only put his paw on my lap. (This is a good thing since he is an 18 pound bad boy).  It's amazing to me that they know.

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