16 May 2011

Week Two: Pain, Drain, Can't Complain

Today is my two week surgiversary.  I have to admit that I didn't think the pain would last this long, but here we are into two weeks.  I have areas of hypersensitivity that are making my skin crawl.  My ab incision is healing, but there are periods throughout the day where the pain makes me come to a stop.  The bruising througout the chest and ab area is getting better...a shade of yellow-green now.

My drain numbers were still too high to go to the doctor today.  My appointment had to be rescheduled for Wednesday.  Try as I might to take it easy, I still can't get the numbers below 20cc.'s per day....that's the magic number for drain removal.

And I'm still really swollen.  It's getting better, but still there.  I got dressed in my regular pants today (not sweats).  I couldn't button them, so kept the zipper open, and the waistband pinned together (open) with a big shirt over the whole mess.  We ran a couple errands together and that was about all I could do.  Came home really tired.

But still, I'm grateful...the surgery is behind me.  I made it through.  The cancer was removed with no nodes involved.  It's good.  Gamatz Gamatz (slowly, slowly).  I'm getting there.  It's just going to take patience.

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