05 May 2011

First Night Home

I'm moving slow.  Getting in and out of bed is tough.  Sleeping in one position all night, propped up, is a killer on the back.  The tram flap procedure of reconstruction tunneled muscle and fat up to the reconstruction site.  "Tunneled" ...weird.  And painful.  I am numb from the new breast through the chest area.  Bending at the waist is impossible.  My abs are sore, and the tape from the bandages is itchy and irritating.  My tummy is bandaged...I haven't seen that yet.

On the positive side, I'm walking better...not so slow, not so hunched over.  I go to Dr. Berger's office tomorrow to get the pain packs removed (two less tubes!  yay!!....and no more purse o' meds to carry around).  But what am I supposed to wear?  Right now I have PJ  bottoms on, a tshirt with three drain (grenades) pinned to hang from it.  It's hot out.  Sweats and sweatshirt is not going to do it.  A dress with the drains underneath?  Maybe.  It's only for another week or so.

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Bruce Burr said...

I'm getting more info from this writing than from the kids - guess thats a good thing.
All the best to you.
Happy Birthday to our ANI!