22 May 2011

It's time to get off the couch

I can tell I'm starting to feel better because I'm starting to get critical about myself, (sad but true).  It's been three weeks since surgery.  I haven't been able to bend or move my right arm normally.....I haven't been able to exercise at all, and I can't do anything that would use my ab muscles because of the mesh that's healing inside me and the incision itself.  Prior to surgery, about three weeks, I was rushing for tests, biopsies, appointments and exercise took a back burner to life and it's complexities.  So it's been a couple months of no yoga.  And in February, I had a colectomy (resection of the colon due to colon cancer). so no exercise then.  And I'm starting to feel schlubby.

But I need to do something.  The inactivity is making me gain weight  (7 pounds since surgery!)...that and the "being home" factor.  The doctor says I am still swollen and that is the reason for the gain, and I feel that, yes.  But I also feel more jiggly.  Those of you who know me, now how hard I've worked over the past year and a half to lose weight, so you can maybe understand my panic.

So tomorrow is Monday.  The plan is to get dressed and take a walk.  I don't know how far I'll be able to go, but I don't have to rush...I can take my time, but I've got to start moving again, and walking is something that I can do.  Let the training begin!


Marcus Corpus Delecti said...

C'mon girl, you're more inventive than that... Just have a garage sale and SELL the couch. Don't get on it in the first place...
Oh, OK, then you'd just have to "get off the Barcalounger" (if you can get Ned off it) and, if you sold that, you'd have to get off the bed, and... forget that!

I know you'll be fine. One step at a time. Don't get "too" impatient, but then again don't lose that impatience/stubbornness, it keeps you battling.
And don't forget to find a pool to use the water as the resistance and support. you WILL recover faster if you're able to incorporate that from early on. Promise.

BTW, ever find out who MK was/is? ;-)

Pomegranate & Eye said...

I hear you, but actually it's not the couch I've been on most but just sitting up in a chair at the laptop. That's the most comfortable on the body.

I would like you to know that your "comment" to my post did make me get up early this morning and go for that walk! And I feel good.

Thank you, thank you! I'm getting ready to post on it now.