10 May 2011

Trying It On My Own

May 10....Guess what I was able to do today?  I was able to give myself a sponge bath.  Woohoo!  The range of motion in my arm was a little better today.  Still, it wasn't easy.  Ani was studying for her exit  nursing exams this morning, and I didn't want to "ask" for help.  It made me feel like we're making a little progress here!  I so appreciate everything that I can do for myself -- again, that thing about asking for help.  I still have absolutely no feeling in my new breast, chest, waist, abdomen.  It just feels like one giant eraser.  Think of the feeling when you have a filling at the dentist and your lip is all rubbery and weird?  That's what my body feels like from the hips up.  And my right upper arm feels super sensitive to the touch.  Anyways...despite this weird feelings, I did get to wash myself today.  Yay me.  That's big time!

My mom is over today.  She came over with a ton of food that she chopped up and threw into the crock pot.  It's cooking.  I'm sure we'll be eating it for DAYS!!  But I'm grateful.  We get to spend time together, and watch all these shows that I never watch -- Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz.  It's very sweet because despite her arthritis and aches and pains, she leaves her own comfort and comes over to take care of me.  She's the best. 

Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment with both doctors.  I'm hopeful that the pathology report will come back negative for lymph node involvement (which means no further treatment).  Here's to hoping!

The day is beautiful out.  I'd like to go for a walk, but it's too soon yet.  Maybe just a stroll out in the garden.  The sunflowers that I planted before my surgery have sprouted.  I can see them from my window.  : )


Sonig said...

I really admire your positive attitude. Even in your aches and pains and numbness, you continue to manage supporting and reaching others who lack this wonderful trait of yours!!! You're mental status helps you heal smoothly and faster. Thanks again for sharing this long healing journey with many of us who don't even grasp the meaning of "cancer". You opened our eyes and made us see that this can happen even to the most wonderful person!!

Pomegranate & Eye said...

Thank you Sonig...your comment is very sweet. ::hug:::

Klee' said...

My dearest friend, I have been praying for you. You are the bravest woman I know. I love you very much. ~Klee'